Ngā hononga kura-whānau e puta ai ngā ihu o ngā ākonga Māori

Reviewing the impact of changes: What to think about


At this stage of the inquiry, you need to review the changes you have made and the impact they have had.

To do that, you need to address two questions:

  • How educationally powerful are our relationships now?
  • What impact are they having on students?

Both these questions require schools to include the perspectives of all participants, including students.

It is also essential that all parties collaborate in deciding on the process for addressing the first question.

To answer the second question, the primary responsibility for collecting the data needed rests with teachers and school leaders, especially when the outcomes being measured are academic. However, if parents, whānau, teachers, and school leaders have accepted joint responsibility for promoting student learning, the data needs to be made sense of in a collaborative process.

Whānau need to:

  • understand how their children have progressed in relation to the valued outcomes established at the start of the current cycle of inquiry
  • know whether their children are succeeding at a rate that enables them to achieve their potential and their long-term aspirations. 

With these understandings in mind, school communities can engage in frank discussions about what the data is telling them, including what it indicates about the next learning steps for students, teachers, leaders, and whānau. 

Finally, the information and data in response to both questions need to be brought together to see what inferences can be drawn about the impact of the changed interactions on students and the implications for the future. This discussion should provide a foundation for re-engaging in another cycle of collaborative inquiry.

Reflective questions

  • What happened for us, our students, and their whānau (intentionally and unintentionally)? 
    • Why?
  • What aspects of this partnership cycle worked well? 
    • What didn’t go well?
  • Where to next?

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