Ngā hononga kura-whānau e puta ai ngā ihu o ngā ākonga Māori

Creating a picture of students’ current patterns of progress

Once schools have selected the outcomes that are valued within their community, they can collect achievement information in relation to each of those outcomes.


This will enable them to create a picture of each student’s patterns of progress, both over time and in relation to others in their class, in their school and, where possible, across the country.

As discussed in the section on Using evidence in inquiry, this information needs to be organised in such a way that all its users can understand it and track it over time.

Assessment tools for teachers

Ministry of Education

Use the Ministry of Education's assessment site to search, select, compare, download tools for assessing students in many areas of the curriculum.

Evidence for learning

Gathering and using evidence for learning is a place where you can learn about methods and skills essential for gathering, grouping, interpreting, and presenting evidence. 

Assessment tool selector

Assessment tool selector is where you can select the most apt assessment for your purpose.

Choose from the more formal tools available for year 1 to 10 teachers or browse a list to find the available tools.

Me and my story

The Me and my story survey from is designed to assess three aspects of student engagement: behaviour, emotional, and cognitive. 

You can access two versions: one for years 4-6 and one for year 7-10.

Reflective questions

  • What do Māori students in our school already know? How do we build on what they know?
  • What are the most pressing needs of Māori students in our school and in my classroom?

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