Ngā hononga kura-whānau e puta ai ngā ihu o ngā ākonga Māori

Connections between the principles and the Successful Home–School Partnerships report

Bull, Brooking, and Campbell (2008) investigated the key elements of successful home–school partnerships and how these partnerships operate in different school settings.


They conducted a review of the research literature and then examined how these elements played out in seven schools that identified themselves as having successful partnerships with their communities.

Bull et al. found that successful home-school partnerships:

  • are collaborative and mutually respectful
  • are multidimensional and responsive to community needs
  • are embedded in school development plans, well resourced, and reviewed regularly
  • are goal oriented and focused on learning
  • incorporate strategies to help parents support their children’s learning at home
  • incorporate strategies to enable timely two-way communication between school and parents
  • take time and commitment.

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