Ngā hononga kura-whānau e puta ai ngā ihu o ngā ākonga Māori

Partnership learning: What to use

You may find these three resources helpful when your school community is planning for sharing and learning.

Home–School Partnership Modules

The home–school partnership modules are a series of flexible workshops, which can be adapted to meet the needs of students, school, and community. A team of teachers and parents are trained to run the workshops for the school’s parents and families. Workshop participants discuss topics such as how the school and its community can construct a curriculum together or how parents' and students' home languages, knowledge, and skills can support students' learning at school. While there is not a specific focus on Māori students, the revised Home-School Partnerships website contains a great deal of useful information. Helpful sections about the modules cover:

  • promoting and organising a module-based initiative
  • training parents and teachers to lead workshops
  • the range of literacy and numeracy modules to select from.
INSTEP learning materials: Approaches to professional learning

The Inservice Teacher Education Practice (INSTEP) project’s learning materials were informed by the evidence that was emerging as the best evidence syntheses were developed. They include considerable information about the design of effective professional learning for educators. In particular, they emphasise the value of a collaborative process, in which each person is treated with respect at the same time as their knowledge, beliefs, and practices are valued and critiqued. The chapter “Conducting Inquiry" includes a section on “Selecting a collaborative process and activities to scaffold learning”.

The section describes five approaches, illustrating them with video clips from practice:

  • aligning beliefs with practice through problem-based methodology
  • learning from modelling by others
  • participating in role play
  • using a coach or mentor
  • working with a critical friend.
Ministry of Education website: “Parents and whānau section”

The “Parents and whānau section” of the Ministry of Education’s website provides information about schools and how whānau can support and contribute to their children’s learning. This includes information on:

  • helping with homework
  • school–parent groups
  • parent–teacher interviews.

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